Night Of The Living Deb (2015)

It’s a Rom-Zom-Com!

Writers: Andy Selsor, Kyle Rankin
Director: Kyle Rankin

Night of the Living Deb is an all American zomcom. The film starts on the eve of July 4th with Deb (Maria Thayer) at a Portland, Maine bar trying to pick up Ryan (Michael Cassidy). Cut to next morning and Deb wakes up in Ryan’s bed with a stinking hangover. Ryan wants to get rid of her, she wants to hang on to him.

But priorities change when they go outside and find that a zombie apocalypse is in progress. The two of them then proceed to meet up with Ryan’s family and find out what’s going on.

It’s all played for laughs and unlike some so-called comedies it actually has some good gags. The problem is the characters. They’re well enough acted, just annoying.

The most annoying of the characters is, unfortunately, Deb herself. Although Ryan is almost as irritating for different reasons. A lot of the film consists of the two of them shouting and arguing.

Then there are the support characters. Most of them are… you guessed it, annoying. Needless to say Deb and Ryan begin to bond during the film – and they deserve each other.

So Night of the Living Deb is at least recognisable as a comedy. The comedy just isn’t to my taste. If your sense of humour is more tolerant than mine of loud, brash characters then give it a try.

Especially if you don’t like Portland.