Red Clover (2012)

Evil has a new holiday

Writer: Anthony C. Ferrante
Director: Drew Daywalt

Three days before the St Patrick’s Day Parade in a small US town Kate is out hunting in the woods when she stumbles across a clearing filled horseshoes and four leaf clovers. The picks a red clover and it leaves her with a burn on her hand. It also releases an ancient leprechaun which begins killing people in the town and taking their gold. Kate has four days to defeat it before the curse of the red clover takes her.

To make it worse, the leprechaun wants revenge for what the town did to it a hundred years ago…

Red Clover (also known as ‘Leprechaun’s Revenge’) is total nonsense. The cast somehow manages to take it seriously but there are a few places where it seems like the director let his tongue slip into his cheek. I wish there were more: Red Clover would work far better as a spoof than an attempt at serious horror.

That said, it does work surprisingly well. The story is full of cliches, infodumps and wobbly camerawork yet against the odds it has some atmosphere. I’m not sure why but I quite enjoyed it.

Red Clover isn’t scary and will never be a classic by any measurement. But if you fancy a bit of mindless entertainment then it’s a surprisingly decent B Movie.