Forget Me Not (2009)

Some friendships never die

Writers: Jamieson Stern, Tyler Oliver
Director: Tyler Oliver

Forget Me Not starts off as a standard teen slasher: a group of attractive young people have sex then all go and get wasted at a house party. Late at night they all drive out to the local cemetery to play a supernatural themed version of hide and seek. An unknown young woman arrives and joins in the game, then disappears mysteriously.

Over the days that follow the young people see the stranger again, individually. And when they do… they die.

At this stage there are a dozen standard slasher plots to choose from. However it becomes clear that this is something different when we realise that with the exception of Sandy (Carly Schroeder) nobody else remembers the dead person. It’s as if he or she effectively never existed.

Now it’s getting interesting.

Interesting but not complicated, we’re given a good idea what’s going on very early through a series of flashbacks. However the extra element is enough to raise this above the standard slasher fare. The kids do get killed off in various interesting ways but the supernatural element makes whole thing a lot more engaging than just having some motiveless psycho-killer on the loose.

The film is decently made. There’s some annoying shaky camerawork but it’s not extreme enough to make the film unwatchable. The script works, given that it’s not supposed to be a mystery but a piece of dramatic irony.

It would have been easy for me to give up on this film after the first ten minutes, I’m glad I didn’t. Forget Me Not is an interesting twist on the genre. More of a guilty pleasure than a classic but still surprisingly good.